Thermo Scientific AI/AS 1310





          The Thermo Scientific AI/AS 1310 Series autosampler is the optimum choice for gas chromatography liquid sampling.
Ranging from an 8-position system (AI 1310 Autoinjector) to a 105 sample capacity autosampler (AS 1310 Autosampler), these systems are engineered to meet the highest requirements of ruggedness and ease of use and fulfill the needs of both QA/QC and high-throughput environments.



  • Syringe Thermal Stability—The syringe is kept away from the inlet's temperature influence so that efficient sampling of low boiling compounds is preserved
  • Cross-Contamination Free—Pre- and Post-injection syringe rinsing with single or combined solvents (A, B, C, D, A+B, C+D) makes carry-over negligible
  • System Upgradability—An upgrade option is available for AI 1310 to extend its sample throughput to the 105 sample capacity of the AS 1310 autosampler
  • System Control—All necessary electronics are on board the sampling module. Both AI 1310 and AS 1310 can be controlled through the data system set-up menu
  • System Setup—Easy self-aligning, slide-in installation does not require any turret/syringe adjustment over the injector or the sample vial


AI 1310 Autoinjector
     The 8-position sample holder can easily be removed and replaced by another one. Each sample holder can be specifically labeled and used for sample preparation or storing.


AS 1310 Autosampler
     The 105-position rotating carousel can be easily removed and replaced for sample preparation or storage if required.


AS 1310 Gemini Kit

     Simply and easily automate simultaneous injections on two channels on the Thermo Scientific gas chromatographs, for double the productivity.


Product Specification 

Sample Loading Capacity

  • 8 (AI 1310)
  • 105 (AS 1310)
  • 210 (AS 1310 Gemini Configuration on Thermo Scientific TRACE 1300 GC, TRACE 1310 GC, and TRACE GC Ultra)
  • Vial capacity: 2mL
  • Optional micro-volume vials: 300 µL
  • Injections/vial: 0-99
  • Viscosity delay: Yes/No


  • Standard: 10 µL
  • Optional Micro-volume: 5 µL
  • Optional Nano-volume: 0.5 µL

Injection Parameters

  • Maximum volume: 5 µL
  • Minimum volume: 0.01 µL
  • Increments 0.01 µL steps

Syringe Rinsing 

  • Pre and/or Post injection
  • Solvent selection: Single or combined mode
  • Sample pre-washes
  • Bubble elimination
  • Solvent bottles: 4 x 4mL
  • Waste bottle capacity: 40mL



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