CNA™ Pentos-Cement

The CNA Pentos-Cement is the fifth generation of the world’s most advanced on-line elemental analyzer. Like its predecessors, it is based on the Sodern neutron technology, pulsed fast and thermal neutron activation (PFTNA). The Pentos is the latest release of the CNA and reflects the continuous product improvement efforts of both Sodern and PANalytical

Real-time process control for the cement industry

  • CNA Manager – a new user interface
  • Belt load flexibility
  • Calibration flexibility
  • Improved reliability
  • Improved detector design
  • Improved neutron flux regulation
  • Enhanced maintenance tools
  • On-off electric neutron source
  • Automated radiation protection system (ARPS)
  • Modular design for minimum downtime during installation
  • Built-in direct link diagnostics program, ensuring optimum operation and uptime
  • Constant neutron flux eliminates expensive and inconvenient periodic on-site calibration

  • The CNA Pentos provides high-frequency analysis of the bulk of the raw material. The net result is stable and on-target kiln feed which promotes efficiency and stability throughout the rest of the process. The high-frequency control is accomplished without the need for costly sampling equipment and laboratory staffing

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    CNA³ is one of the latest generation of the CNA family. It has been entirely redesigned to be suitable for tough environments such as underground mines, but still features the cutting-edge Sodern neutron technology with unmatched lifetime and neutron output stability (PFTNA)

    A rugged, simple and versatile solution to your process control needs

  • CNA³ provides high-frequency elemental analysis of the bulk material on the belt. No sampling is required as material is measured in real time on the conveyor belt
  • On-off electric proven neutron source
  • Constant neutron flow for unmatched performance stability
  • Automatic radiation protection system (ARPS)
  • Compact design for simplified installation and start up
  • No material height limitation, everything is below the belt
  • No sensitivity to belt load variation or particle size variation
  • Available for extra-wide belt

  • This compact and rugged design is completely underneath the belt - variation of belt load and particle size common in the mining industry doesn’t affect the performance of the system. This is a key design feature to provide stability and representativeness for an efficient process control