Product Description

From routine monitoring and surveillance to emergency response situations, our advanced, integrated radiation detection instruments mitigate the threat and keep you safe. Our product portfolio of radiation detection solutions provides comprehensive, real-time monitoring, early warning, and complete information in the palm of your hand, in the work place, and in your neighborhood

Survey Meter and Identification is for detect surface contamination in the environment and on people, commonly uses Geiger-Muller (G-M) detectors.These meters have long been used for regulatory compliance of radiological or nuclear facilities.

Personal Emergency Radiation and Monitors is an alarming personal radiation detector worn on the body to detect photons and alarm if preset thresholds for either exposure rate or accumulated dose are exceeded.Is the preferred tool for responders because the device ranges allow use multiple response zones: Cold Zone, Hot Zone, and Dangerous-radiation Zone

Portal and Security is instruments allow safety & security personnel to quickly and safely identify and address radiation threats. Units can be positioned at potentially dangerous locations to alert nearby personnel via a phone app or to a remote command center via reachback. Multiple RadHalo instruments can be networked wirelessly to expand reach across a large venue or across an entire city.

Electronic Personal Dosimeter can provides immediate information and alarm functions to help control exposure. It is also functioned like a survey meter when displaying dose rate.High range, alarming, active dosimeter, are designed to be worn by occupational radiation workers in planned exposure situations, to measure personal dose equivalence for regulatory compliance, typically in industrial and medical settings.

Survey and Identification

Personal Monitors

Portal and Security

Personal Dosimeter